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  • Vast Learning Systems: Business creativity is an essential condition for new ideas, new products, new markets, and new value creation. How well do you understand your most valuable asset for business success? Based on over 50 years of creativity research, the Vast Creative Abilities Indicator (VCAI) will help you discover, develop, and apply creative talent more effectively to support and extend your organization's innovation process.

  • PatientOne: PatientOne is an automated patient engagement platform that offers secure mobile patient communication, and remote patient monitoring for medication adherence protocols, chronic care management, and surgical episodes of care.


  • Beacon:


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We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your customers.


Software Development

Provide all services for Software development: Design, Achitechture, Database, Development, Deployment, Management and Testing

Web Development

Provide all services: eCommerce, Webside regarding web apps

Mobile Development

Provide all services: Design, development (Frontend and Backend) and CMS) for mobile application.

IT Supports

Support all IT services as server, deployment and maintenance.

Startup Solutions

Provide solution, service for your ideas.